Become a custodian of cats in Rome

Even living on the other side of the planet, anyone can become a sponsor for a Roman cat.


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Become a custodian of cats

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The old legend says that when construction works were carried out on Largo di Torre Argentina, underground burrows were excavated and thousands of rodents were released. To overcome the terrible plague bringing the black death, the government of Rome decided to settle down the square with hundreds of homeless cats that live here till nowadays.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
Photo © Dave MacFarlane

On the square there is also a shelter which contains more than 150 pets. You can become their benefactor and help them from anywhere in the world.

In 2001 four-footed inhabitants of Largo di Torre Argentina were officially recognized as a landmark of the city.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
Photo: Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, © Anne-Sophie Redisch

How to do?

1. Go to Torre Largo di Torre Argentina where the shelter is lockated.
2. Feed and play with a cat.
3. Fill in the application for guardianship and once a month money will be charged from your bank card automatically.

I want you for CAT army
Photo: did you join the volunteers? © Livia Hyams

Where to do?

Largo di Torre Argentina
Largo di Torre Argentina#10 of 32 places to visit in Rome

On the square are the ruins of the temples of the Roman republic and the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated.


How much?

The guardianship will cost €15 per month, for the food and care of the pet.


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