See the Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes

Here you will be able to break away from the reality for a while and become an ancient Greek and stroll among the colonnades.


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See the Acropolis of Lindos

#4 of 21 things to do on Rhodes
It's hard not to notice the ancient Acropolis, when visiting the city of Lindos. It rises above sea level, and it is situated on a cliff 116 meters high. All roads of Lindos, paved streets, that are dotted with traders, lead to the Acropolis.

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To get to the Acropolis, you need to overcome a long ladder. There is another way - you can ride on a donkey to the top of the hill.

When you reach the fortifications built by the Knights of the Order of St. John, pay attention to the rock on which is carved the image of an ancient ship. Then go up the stairs to the Palace of the Grand Masters.

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Don't waste your time here - at the top of the Acropolis you will find a real treasure - the temple of the goddess Athena Linda. It looks exactly the way we envision the ancient ruins of temples: the tall white columns, glittering in the sun. Here you can make spectacular photos and enjoy the view over the lagoon of Lindos.

Where to do?

Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes
Acropolis of Lindos#1 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

In the Acropolis of Lindos, that is as famous as the Acropolis of Athens, you can walk among ancient columns, see how the archaeologists work and touch history.

Location: Lindos town
Open hours: from 8:30 am to 3-4:30 pm

How much?

entrance to the Acropolis costs €12.

Tips and hints

it is better to visit the Acropolis is early morning or at sunset. The best time 9 am, when there are not many tourists here and you can see all the sights almost alone.


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