Try Masochito cocktail in Lviv

Try the Mojito? - No, it's for weaklings, in Lviv they serve a cocktail "Mazohito", in the famous Masoch-Cafe.


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Try Masochito cocktail

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Inhabitants of Lviv manage to turn ordinary things into something unique and unusual. So you can say about the famous cafe "Masoch". It surprises not only with its exterior and interior, but also with the names of dishes and drinks on the menu. One of the most popular is the "Masochito" cocktail, and although the ingredients are the same as in the usual "Mojito" cocktail, but when you drink it here, it seems that a secret ingredient was added.

How to do?

1. Go to the Masoch-Cafe in the center of the city on Serbska Street 7.
2. At the entrance you will meet Leopold von Sacher-Masoch himself. If you put your hand in his pocket - wait for a surprise :)
3. Go inside the door in the shape of a keyhole, you will find a waitress waiting just for you and then the fun begins. If you want to, she will take you to the basement, shackle you and try some torture instruments on you, and only after that she will let you to sit down at your table :)
4. This red book with chains, trimmed with black fur - this is the menu. Discover and read all the names, they're just hilarious.
5. Among the cocktails you will find "Mazohito" somewhere between "Wet Pleasure" and "Sweet Culmination".

Where to do?

MasochCafe in Lviv
MasochCafe#1 of 16 places to visit in Lviv

What is special about this cafe? Maybe waiters... they are not rude and do not cheat, they just grab you at the entrance, drag to the basement, chain and beat you with a whip.

Location: in the center of Lviv, Serbskaya Street 7.
Open hours: daily from 04:00 pm till 04:00 am.
Phone: +380 50 371 0440
Official website: https://www.facebook.com/MasochCafe


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