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#3Try Masochito cocktail in LvivTry Masochito cocktailBeautiful

Try the Mojito? - No, it's for weaklings, in Lviv they serve a cocktail "Mazohito", in the famous Masoch-Cafe.

UAH 55MasochCafe
#18Try Chicken Kiev in KievTry Chicken KievBeautiful

The dish appeared in the restaurant "Kiev" in the 19th century and became popular due to its taste and the fact that it is insanely convenient to eat.

UAH 25
#18Try brochette in TorontoTry brochetteBeautiful

This is a kebab, for which finely chopped meat and vegetables are strung on skewers and poured with berry sauce.

#17Watch movie in the open air in TorontoWatch movie in the open airBeautiful

Every year, from June to September, movies are screened for free in many parks, gardens and on the beaches of Toronto.

#13Visit the appartments of Charles V in SevilleVisit the appartments of Charles VBeautiful

Look at the royal chambers of Charles V colorfully executed in Moorish style, and the gazebo where the king had supper.

The Real Alcázar
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