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Ride the horse cartin Istanbul, Turkey

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Have a ride along the incredibly inspiring and pacifying Büyükada Island on famous and popular around here - phaeton (horse cart).
How to ride the horse cart in Istanbul
Trip from Istanbul to Büyükada Island will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions. Although travelers from all over the world visit this beautiful island, its atmosphere is absolutely opposite to the noisy resort town in the neighborhood.

Büyükada Island
Photo: Büyükada Island, © Kenny
Büyükada Island
Photo: Büyükada Island, © Sahika Civelek

A ferry ride along the Bosphorus, cozy quiet streets with flowering gardens and green hills; no machine hum, only bicycle bells and knocking of the hooves that lulling a little. So if you are tired of the bustle of a loud city, you want to relax and discover something new, be sure to visit this calming and carefree island.

Büyükada Island
Photo: Büyükada Island, © Sater

How to do?

1. You can book a tour to the island or go on a trip like a savage.
2. With any of the options selected, go to the pier, since you can get to the island only by steam, well, or by swimming, of course :)
3. Get off the ferry, do not hurry to go deep into the island, visit the local supermarket, it is right at the pier and buy some food for a picnic.
4. Actually, already at the entrance to the supermarket you will see bicycle and of course, the famous horse carts rental.
5. Order one of the possible tours and take a ride along the old cozy streets, visit the monastery of Saint George, on the way be sure to tie a ribbon in a place where every wish comes true.
6. After the tour on a phaeton, set up a picnic on a hill with a panoramic view of the entire Büyükada island and after get ready for the return journey.

Büyükada Island, view from the hill
Photo: Büyükada Island, view from the hill, © StenB

7. Oddviser recommends you not to postpone the ride back and not to rely on the last ferry, since there may be not enough space for everyone.
8. But if suddenly you're late - here on the island you can find a very cozy little hotel.

Where to do?

#2Büyükada island in IstanbulBüyükada island

The largest island in the Sea of Marmara where a beautiful church, a fairground, a Luna Park and many other places from the list of must-see are located.

Location: is located in 2.3 kilometers on south of the Istanbul coast, is separated by the Büyükada strait.

When to do?

At any convenient time, be guided by the schedule of the steam fuels.

How much?

Ride on a phaeton costs from 70 liras (45 minutes) to 80 liras (1 hour).

Bicycle rent costs much less, about 5 liras per hour.


Guest13 April 2024

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Plunge into the creative atmosphere and find out your destiny from the local fortune-teller.

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Balik-ekmek or bread with fish is a great traditional snack for a hungry traveler.

#6Taste Turkish dessert - kanafeh in IstanbulTaste Turkish dessert - kanafehJoan Naples

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#4Drink tea from traditional bardac in IstanbulDrink tea from traditional bardacJoan Naples

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#11Smoke Turkish hookah in IstanbulSmoke Turkish hookahDeneni

Smell of tobacco, thick smoke filling the room and fragrant tea are waiting for you in a Turkish hookah bar.

#9Count cats in IstanbulCount catsДарья Слепакова

If you are a cat - move to Istanbul and you will have a full and happy life, because cats here are full-fledged citizens, locals take care and love them.

#1Visit Hagia Sophia Mosque in IstanbulVisit Hagia Sophia MosqueЛеся Кречетова

Visit the "eighth wonder of the world" in Istanbul and find out why the mosque conquered the great conquerors, sultans and kings with its beauty.

40Hagia Sophia Mosque
#10Cruise down the Bosphorus in IstanbulCruise down the Bosphorusklia balo

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Grand Bazaar
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