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Things to do 13

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#2Climbing on the fortress of Spinalonga on CreteClimbing on the fortress of SpinalongaЛеся Кречетова

Reach the island and climb to the highest point of the fortress, offering magical views of Crete.

€8Fortress of Spinalonga
#3Visit the Island of the Living Dead on CreteVisit the Island of the Living DeadЛеся Кречетова

Visit the most impressive island of Crete, which has been a prison for leprosy patients for a long time.

€8The Leper Island Spinalonga
#3Climb the Petrin Observation Tower in PragueClimb the Petrin Observation TowerЛеся Кречетова

55-meter Petrin Observation Tower offers splendid city view - take 299 steps or take a lift.

Kč120Petrin Observation Tower
#1Visit Hagia Sophia Mosque in IstanbulVisit Hagia Sophia MosqueЛеся Кречетова

Visit the "eighth wonder of the world" in Istanbul and find out why the mosque conquered the great conquerors, sultans and kings with its beauty.

TRY 40Hagia Sophia Mosque
#17Try trippa on SardiniaTry trippaЛеся Кречетова

Trippa is prepared from various parts of the cow's stomach for a special recipe, known since the days of ancient Rome.

#2Visit museum "Ancient footprints of Acahualinca" in ManaguaVisit museum "Ancient footprints of Acahualinca"Леся Кречетова

Take a look at the footprints of people and animals which had been escaping from the lava and ash.

#3Ride the horse cart in IstanbulRide the horse cartЛеся Кречетова

Have a ride along the incredibly inspiring and pacifying Büyükada Island on famous and popular around here - phaeton (horse cart).

TRY 70Büyükada island
#7Try All-i-Pebre in ValenciaTry All-i-PebreЛеся Кречетова

Taste a classical delicacy of Valencian cuisine from young potatoes with fresh eel in a fragrant garlic sauce.

#24Try seadas on SardiniaTry seadasЛеся Кречетова

After a delicious and hearty first course order a dessert seadas. It is an oily pie with sour cheese inside, that has very unique taste.

#23Try hermelin in PragueTry hermelinЛеся Кречетова

Soft fat cheese is covered with white mold. They eat it raw, pickled, fried and baked.

#13Take a horse carriage ride in LvivTake a horse carriage rideЛеся Кречетова

To get soaked with the city of medieval period, take a horse carriage ride around historical places of amazing Lviv.

UAH 1000
#7Try the liquor - mentovka in NesebarTry the liquor - mentovkaЛеся Кречетова

Behind this funny name lies a 20-degree green liqueur with a pleasant minty taste, which the ladies like really much.

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