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Try a sandwich with fish "balik-ekmek"in Istanbul, Turkey

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Balik-ekmek or bread with fish is a great traditional snack for a hungry traveler.
How to try a sandwich with fish "balik-ekmek" in Istanbul
Once the Turkish fishermen took their whole catch for sale to the markets to the Golden Horn, but then an enterprising boatman came up with a great idea. Why not to sell fish directly from the Bosphorus, without departing from the place.

Ships where balik-ekmek is preparedPhoto: Ships where balik-ekmek is prepared, © ABarr17
This is how the balik-ekmek is preparedPhoto: This is how the balik-ekmek is prepared, © Mary

The grill or stove was placed directly in the boat, the roasted fillet was laid between the two halves of the loaf and a hearty snack is ready. There were no release from customers wishing to try fresh local food. And today after many years travelers and locals often come at the quay to have a bite of the traditional Turkish kind of hot dog.

How to do?

1. Go to Eminenu: this is the area on the west side of the Galata Bridge.
2. Between the bridge and the dock, opposite the fish market, you will see small ships swaying on the waves. Men and women dressed in Turkish national clothes are frying fish on hot bars.
3. Listen and you will hear: "balik-ekmek buyrurun" - those are the waiters shouting from specially equipped cafes on the dock beckoning to try the fish in the bread.
4. After making an order, you will receive fish in bread (usually tuna or mackerel) and a salad.
5. Do not forget to order a traditional drink - salgam (a reddish color beverage, resembling a brine with a slice of lemon and a salted cucumber floating inside the glass).


Guest20 May 2024

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