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Kadıköy districtin Istanbul, Turkey

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11 things to doin Istanbul
The oldest district of Istanbul, where you can find absolutely amazing things: antiques, paintings, the most authentic things, handmade goods and much more.
Kadıköy district, Istanbul
Kadıköy - is not only the oldest district in Istanbul, it is also the most creative district. It is recognized as a region of the creative elite not only of the city, but of all Turkey.

Art gallery in the Kadıköy districtPhoto: Art gallery in the Kadıköy district

Here you will find a variety of workshops where you can buy paintings of different styles, sculptures of Turkish artists, handmade goods, costume jewelry and accessories, clothes from famous local designers and many other interesting stuff. On any side of the street you can find benches with antiques, second-hand booksellers, workshops, where you can take painting lessons and galleries, where you can look at works of art.

Kadıköy district
Photo: Kadıköy district, © gezimania
Kadıköy district
Photo: Kadıköy district, © Turan Ko

Walking around the area you can buy mountains of souvenirs and gifts, and you can also visit the Armenian church with gentle, unusual for such a place, the sky-blue color of the interior. And when you get tired of exploring the city you can have lunch at one of many cafes or restaurants. Oddviser recommends you to visit the charming restaurant, which will surprise with its location as it is placed directly under the chapel of Saint Catherine.

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#5Read your fortune in Kadikoy district in IstanbulRead your fortune in Kadikoy districtoddviser

Plunge into the creative atmosphere and find out your destiny from the local fortune-teller.

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Kadıköy district on the map

Location: On the northern coast of the Marmara Sea, in the Asian part of Istanbul.


Guest20 May 2024

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