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What to see in Istanbul —
4 places to visit

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4 places to visit in Istanbul

#1Hagia Sophia Mosque in IstanbulHagia Sophia Mosque

The Orthodox church for a long time has been the largest in the world, one of the greatest examples of Byzantine culture, and is called the eighth wonder of the world.

#2Büyükada island in IstanbulBüyükada island

The largest island in the Sea of Marmara where a beautiful church, a fairground, a Luna Park and many other places from the list of must-see are located.

#3Grand Bazaar in IstanbulGrand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is an ancient oriental market, where you can get lost among colorful goods and oriental flavors in its labyrinths.

#4Kadıköy district in IstanbulKadıköy district

The oldest district of Istanbul, where you can find absolutely amazing things: antiques, paintings, the most authentic things, handmade goods and much more.

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