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Things to do 16

#21Attend falconry in DubaiAttend falconrySuper Сrabe

Experience the beauty of a flying proud falcon, which is considered to be a symbol of the UAE and is revered by locals.

Rub' al Khali desert
#39Try jallab in DubaiTry jallabSuper Сrabe

Try a traditional Arab drink made of dates, grape molasses and pink water — jallab. It is very refreshing in the hot tropical climate.

AED 20
#5Try rooibos in Cape TownTry rooibosSuper Сrabe

If you come to Cape Town, be sure to try rooibos. The plant used to make this drink may soon vanish from the face of the earth.

#39Go down to the Mithraeum in RomeGo down to the MithraeumSuper Сrabe

Go down to Temple of Mithras into the basement of the ancient basilica and knelt before the deity consent and sunlight :)

€10Basilica of Saint Clement
#12Have dinner in a restaurant under the dome in ReykjavikHave dinner in a restaurant under the domeSuper Сrabe

Indulge in a two-in-one entertainment — a delicious dinner and a fantastic city view in one place!

#8Ascend the bell tower of Saint Vitus cathedral in PragueAscend the bell tower of Saint Vitus cathedralSuper Сrabe

The biggest bell in the Czech Republic was installed in the tower of the cathedral. It offers a spectacular city view.

Kč150Saint Vitus Cathedral
#24Go to the Qasr Al-Hosn Festival in Abu DhabiGo to the Qasr Al-Hosn FestivalSuper Сrabe

The Festival of History and Culture of the Emirates annually draws thousands of spectators.

AED 10Qasr Al Hosn fort
#1Take a ride on the world's most feraful rope road in SchwyzTake a ride on the world's most feraful rope roadSuper Сrabe

Sliding down the rope road at a speed of 100km/hour amounts to skydiving.

CHF 70Hoch-Ybrig Holiday and Sports center
#4Pass over the Pompey`s bridge in TbilisiPass over the Pompey`s bridgeSuper Сrabe

The bridge got the name not because of the notorious city, but in honor of the ancient roman commander Pompey, who ordered to built it.

#6Ride in a funicular in ZurichRide in a funicularSuper Сrabe

The ride lasts 100 seconds; in this fully automated funicular you'll find a viewing platform, and what is more, it rides out right from the residential building.

CHF 1.20UBS Polybahn funicular
#3Swim naked on the beach on Kefalonia island in KefaliniaSwim naked on the beach on Kefalonia islandSuper Сrabe

Swim naked without the gaze of tourists on the wild beach of Dafnaudi. If you could find this place ...

#1Take a boat ride along the world's longest river in Puerto PrincesaTake a boat ride along the world's longest riverSuper Сrabe

Explore the world's longest underground river inside the cave, if you dare.

₱2200Puerto Princesa Underground River
#11Quarter Santa Cruz walk in SevilleQuarter Santa Cruz walkSuper Сrabe

Cozy squares, whitened houses with flower pots on it and patios. It is a place that makes your walks exciting and colorful.

Santa-Cruz quarter
#20Buy a pysanka in LvivBuy a pysankaSuper Сrabe

Pysanka is a hand-painted egg, on which every sign, line and symbol have their secret desire or special meaning.

UAH 40Vernissage Market
#5See the ruins of the ancient city of Nessebar in NesebarSee the ruins of the ancient city of NessebarSuper Сrabe

Nessebar is an incredible city-museum with ancient ruins and masterpieces of architectural art.

FREETherma Beach
#1Go through 1000-meter-long lava tube in JejuGo through 1000-meter-long lava tubeSuper Сrabe

In the hardened lava tube you can hear only sound of drops and murmur of night bats through the pitch darkness.

₩2000The Manjanggul
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