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See the ruins of the ancient city of Nessebarin Nesebar, Bulgaria

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Nessebar is an incredible city-museum with ancient ruins and masterpieces of architectural art.
How to see the ruins of the ancient city of Nessebar in Nesebar
Nessebar is the oldest city in Europe, whose history begins more than three millennia ago. In fact, archaeologists find new and new traces of the life of ancient cultures and civilizations that lived on the peninsula every day. Nessebar is declared as city-museum, and since 1983 is under the auspices of UNESCO, because there is an uncountable number of ruins, which are considered to be masterpieces of art.

Old city
Photo: Old city
The ruins of NessebarPhoto: The ruins of Nessebar

In the Old City, which is almost buried under the water, the last remnant of the land has preserved the unique ruins of medieval churches, the ancient port and fortress walls, ancient houses with wooden bay windows and external staircases. Cobbled streets and wooden buildings of the 19th century give Nessebar a special charm. And in general, churches, each in its own unique style - is the pride of the Bulgarians. It seems there are more churches than people and each of them is unique in its architecture or built on the ruins of ancient temples, and some have preserved valuable old frescoes.

How to do?

1. Go to the old part of the city on a small peninsula, by a narrow isthmus about 400 meters long.

The road to Nessebar
Photo: The road to Nessebar

2. The remaining piece of land is not very large, you can easily bypass it for a day, or even faster (or you can rent a bicycle).
3. Rent a boat and swim over the part of the city buried under water, in good weather it can be perfectly seen from above.

Where to do?

#3Therma Beach on KosTherma Beach

The beach in a picturesque place got its name from a thermal spring, which is rnlocated right on the beach and has a magnificent ability to heal.

Location: On the south-eastern coast of the island, about 10-12 km from Kos city.


Guest15 April 2024

More things to do in Nesebar

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#4Take a sun tan topless on Irakli Beach in NesebarTake a sun tan topless on Irakli BeachDarina

Irakli beach is a 3-kilometer long quiet corner. It is a perfect place to enjoy solitude.

FREEIrakli beach
#2Try rakia in NesebarTry rakiaДарья Слепакова

It is not just a drink, for Bulgarians it is a cultural institution, a traditional drink that is normal to drink at any time of the day or night.

#3Pass the rite of pirate initiation in NesebarPass the rite of pirate initiationoddviser

An old pirate ship, fight with formidable pirates, swimming in the open sea and a fried fish are waiting for you on this cruise.

#1Try shopska salad in NesebarTry shopska saladoddviser

This salad has become national in Bulgaria long time ago, locals often cook, eat and insanely love this dish.

#6Take a cruise to Sozopol in NesebarTake a cruise to SozopolMargaret Cain

What could be more delightful than a relaxing cruise in the Black sea on a cozy luxurious yacht or a boat in a hot, sunny day.

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