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Pass the rite of pirate initiationin Nesebar, Bulgaria

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An old pirate ship, fight with formidable pirates, swimming in the open sea and a fried fish are waiting for you on this cruise.
How to pass the rite of pirate initiation in Nesebar
This entertaining tour you is offered in almost any city of Bulgaria. Even on a beach you can see animators dressed in pirate costumes inviting you to take a boat trip among the Black Sea. Such a walk on a pirate schooner, with a rite of initiation into pirates, will appeal to both children and adults.

How to do?

1. You can arrange a ride right on the beach, pirates will offer you make selfie with them and they will also invite you to the cruise ship. Or come to any point of sale of tours and excursions and you will be offered a choice of cruises.
2. At 10:00 am, a pirate schooner will be waiting for you at the pier. Come aboard.
3. Give up moorings, raise sails! Here you are already swimming in the open sea.
4. Next, you will fight with fierce pirates ((it's more for children). If you win you will be accepted into the ranks of a pirate, and if you fight boldly you will get a pirate hat as a gift.
5. The schooner will make a stop far from the shore, where you can swim in the open sea away from the crowded beaches.
6. Next, you can enjoy freshly cooked fish on the grill and a ride along the shore.

When to do?

Such cruises take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It begins at 10:00 am and lasts until 03:00 pm.

Tips and hints

Do not forget the beach accessories and changing clothes (you will be showered with water) and of course grab a phone or a camera to make a couple of great photos.


Guest25 July 2024

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What could be more delightful than a relaxing cruise in the Black sea on a cozy luxurious yacht or a boat in a hot, sunny day.

#2Try rakia in NesebarTry rakiaДарья Слепакова

It is not just a drink, for Bulgarians it is a cultural institution, a traditional drink that is normal to drink at any time of the day or night.

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Nessebar is an incredible city-museum with ancient ruins and masterpieces of architectural art.

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#1Try shopska salad in NesebarTry shopska saladoddviser

This salad has become national in Bulgaria long time ago, locals often cook, eat and insanely love this dish.

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