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Sozopolin Nesebar, Bulgaria

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A favorite place of Bulgarian bohemia with a special atmosphere, beautiful architecture, old houses and cobbled streets.
Sozopol, Nesebar
Artists and musicians gather in the town of Sozopol, with its special atmosphere, wide sandy beaches and romantic harbor. It's always noisy and fun here, there are a huge number of bars and discos, so night life here beats the key.

In the vicinity of Sozopol lies the mouth of the river Ropotamo - it is a nature reserve, called the local Amazon, and the banks resemble the unexplored jungles, lavishly covered with dense thickets of ivy and wild vineyards, white glossy lilies on the water, and you can often see seals and dolphins splashing in the sea. And a few kilometers from the city you can stumble upon a real miracle, a unique natural phenomenon - a stone forest.

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#6Take a cruise to Sozopol in NesebarTake a cruise to SozopolMargaret Cain

What could be more delightful than a relaxing cruise in the Black sea on a cozy luxurious yacht or a boat in a hot, sunny day.

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Guest17 June 2024

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#3The Castle of Ravadinovo in NesebarThe Castle of Ravadinovo

If you want to find yourself in a fairy tale go to the Castle of Ravadinivo. Impressive landmark will definitely make you feel fabulous.