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Therma Beachon Kos, Greece

#3of 4 places to visiton Kos
The beach in a picturesque place got its name from a thermal spring, which is rnlocated right on the beach and has a magnificent ability to heal.
Therma Beach, Kos
A beautiful beach with pebbles mixed with black sand and surrounded by high cliffs has become popular due to the healing properties of the source located right on the coast -

Right by the shore a small natural pool is located, separated from the sea by a pair of three huge boulders, where the water temperature is about 40-50 degrees and is saturated with an incredible amount of minerals. Bathing here can not cure, but will definitely have a therapeutic effect. In addition, bathing in this source incredibly relaxes and moisturizes the skin.

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#3Heal in the wells of the thermal spring on KosHeal in the wells of the thermal springЧфырк

Its an incredible thermal spring, Hippocrates himself appreciated its healing properties.

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Location: On the south-eastern coast of the island, about 10-12 km from Kos city.


Guest22 January 2022

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