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Heal in the wells of the thermal springon Kos, Greece

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Its an incredible thermal spring, Hippocrates himself appreciated its healing properties.
How to heal in the wells of the thermal spring on Kos
Thermal spring on the island of Kos is located in the resort area of Agios Fokas, where you can perfectly relax. By the way, its healing properties are not proved, and the water is so hot that it should be entered carefully and slowly, and it is advised to hold it for no more than 10-15 minutes.

How to do?

1. The thermal spring is located near the ​​Agios Fokas area.
2. You can get here by car, bus, bike or on foot.
3. If you rent a bicycle or walk here on foot, you can meet local inhabitants - turtles and goats.
4. Any way your route will end with quite slippery descent, so be careful (you can rent a donkey for €5).

Photo: Donkey

5. When you see a stone with the pointer "Therma", know - you're in the right place.
6. Come in, be ready that there is now locker rooms, it's better to dress the swimsuit in the hotel.
7. Remove all silver jewelry, they will oxidize in thermal water.
8. Swim and heal, but remember the first time you can sit in the water no more than 15 minutes)!

Where to do?

#3Therma Beach on KosTherma Beach

The beach in a picturesque place got its name from a thermal spring, which is rnlocated right on the beach and has a magnificent ability to heal.

Location: On the south-eastern coast of the island, about 10-12 km from Kos city.

When to do?

It is better to arrive earlier about 10:00 am. Here are less people this time.


Guest21 June 2024

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