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Nisyros volcanoon Kos, Greece

#1of 4 places to visiton Kos
This extraordinary island is essentially a huge sleeping volcano, with several craters, which is just waiting for a push to wake up.
Nisyros volcano, Kos
There are 5 craters on the island of Nisyros. The most active is the crater of the Stefanos hill, where you can see how hard it breathes emitting steam and ash into the air. Its size reaches 300-meters, and the surface is similar to the surface of the moon, white and yellow with cracks and holes now and again hissing streams of gas.

Stefanos Crater
Photo: Stefanos Crater

There are legends around Stefanos. Locals say that Nisyros appeared as a result of the war between the gods. Poseidon severed a part of the spit and formed an island under which the great titan, Polivotis was buried. And when the steam comes out of the crater, then the titanium sighs heavily from the grievous fate.

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#1Come down to the volcanos crater Stefanos on KosCome down to the volcanos crater Stefanosoddviser

Take an exciting adventure - stroll along the crater of the active volcano.

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Nisyros volcano on the map

Location: In the area of the Dodecanese Archipelago, on the south of the Kos island.


Guest08 December 2023

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