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Castle of Neratziaon Kos, Greece

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The most powerful outpost, that sustained numerous invaders of the island: ruthless Turks who spared no one and scary bloodthirsty pirates.
Castle of Neratzia, Kos
The fortress, where the brave knights lived is decorated with the remains of marble and stones left by the ancient city destroyed by the earthquake. It protected the city from conquerors who wanted to possess this picturesque corner of paradise.

Entrance to the fortress is carried out on an incredibly beautiful bridge restored recently, at the entrance you will see the ancient Tree of Hippocrates, and in the fortress itself you can see the graves of knights, tall ancient columns and altars.

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#4Seat ander the legendary Tree of Hippocrates on KosSeat ander the legendary Tree of HippocratesAbarrane

The famous tree planted by the greatest physician Hippocrates still breathes with history.

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