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Take a boat ride along the world's longest riverin Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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Explore the world's longest underground river inside the cave, if you dare.
How to take a boat ride along the world's longest river in Puerto Princesa
The world's longest underground river flows on Palawan island - under a mountain system of St. Paul Underground River Cave and falls into the South China Sea.

Puerto Princesa Underground River is 8 kilometers long. Moving from the mouth of the river, the roof of the cave gets wider to 80 meters in height and 140 meters in width. On the wall you you can see stalactites whose forming lasted for more than one million years, also here you'll see huge night bats hanging upside down.

Cave entrance, Puerto Princesa

How to do?

1. Puerto Princesa Underground River begins in Sabang village that is a one-hour drive from Puerto Princesa city. You can book the river tour with transfer from/to Puerto Princesa in one of the organizers, say here. You can visit the cave river on your own by renting a boat in Sabang, but there is a chance you won't get an entry permission (their number a day is limited).

2. Puerto Princesa Underground River ride lasts about 40 minutes. The boat goes only 1,5 kilometers out of 8 to keep visitors on the safe side. The level of oxygen in the cave is very low, besides the far you go the tougher the way is because of karst rocks on the bottom of the river. And it is very unlikely you want to go deeper inside the dark cave with night bats hanging over your head.

Where to do?

#0Puerto Princesa Underground RiverPuerto Princesa Underground River

The longest underground river is situated 76 km northward from Puerto Princesa City on Palawan island. You can come here daily from 8:30am till 3:30pm if the weather is good.

How much?

The tour price for adults and children over 7 is PHP 2200, for 3-7-year-old children - PHP 1500, for children under 3 - free.
Also you have to pay ecological dues PHP 150 per person.

Tips and hints

Take with you a swimsuit and beach footwear, a sunscreen, towel, camera and also a flashlight.


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