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Take a ride on the world's most feraful rope roadin Schwyz, Switzerland

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Sliding down the rope road at a speed of 100km/hour amounts to skydiving.
How to take a ride on the world's most feraful rope road in Schwyz
The Sternensauser rope road is probably the main reason for visiting the Swiss ski resort in the summer.

The length of the cable car is 2000 meters. Descent along it can be compared to hovering - you're only kept with a cable (but wiht strong one). Under its own weight, you gain speed to 100-120 kilometres per hour, rush at a height of 80 meters above the ground head forward, and the mountain rapids of rivers and trees below you. Do you understand why this rope road is called the most fearful?

Start of the Sternensauser rope road, Schwyz

How to do?

1. Hoch-Ybrig Resort is located in 20 kilometres away from the city of Schwiz - it will take you 30 minutes ride by mountain road.

2. Teh rope road starts from the upper chairlift station of Sternen, leads through the Fuederegg station to the lower station of Sternen.

Children under 9 years aren't allowed to ride. Allowed height - above 130 cm, allowed weight - from 30 to 125 kilograms

Where to do?

#1Hoch-Ybrig Holiday and Sports centerHoch-Ybrig Holiday and Sports center

Here is skiing in the winter, and in the summer, riding on the most fearful rope road.

Location: 20 km eastwards from the city of Schwyz
Open hours: Daily from 7 am
Phone: 0041-55-414-60-60
Official website: https://www.hoch-ybrig.ch/sommer/

When to do?

At the summer time only!
From Monday to Friday: 1:30 pm - 4 pm
From Saturday to Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm

How much?

For adults - CHF 70, for the children aged 9-16 - CHF 50.
A souvenir and picture of yours directly to your phone are included in the ticket price.

Tips and hints

Grab the Go-Pro - to catch the most extreme moments of your ride.


Guest24 June 2024

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