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Take a world's fastest funicular ridein Schwyz, Switzerland

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Inclination of the Stoosbahn funicular's rail way is almost 50°.
How to take a world's fastest funicular ride in Schwyz
Starting from December 2017 you can cover the distance of 1738 meters between Schwyz city and mountain resort of Stoos for 4 minutes - the world's fastest funicular runs between the places. The rail way is 50-degree inclined and the funicular goes up at the height of 745 meters.

Funicular's cabins can seat up to 136 passengers and are always in the horizontal position thanks to special stabilizing system.

How to do?

1. Stoosbahn funicular connects the town of Schwyz that is 50 kilometers southward from Zürich and the ski resort of Stoos. The base station in Schwyz is on Stooshorn 1.

Stoosbahn station, Schwyz

2. The funicular runs daily from 7am till 9pm. You can buy tickets in the ticket desk at the station.

Where to do?

#2Stoosbahn funicularStoosbahn funicular

The world's most fast moving funicular runs in resort town of Schwyz. It takes the funicular 4 minutes to run along 1740-meter rail way with decline of 50°. 4-hour one-use ticket costs 42 francs.

How much?

24-hour ticket costs 50 francs. 4-hour ticket - 42 francs for adults and 25 francs for 6-15-year-old children.


Guest24 May 2024

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