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Take a camel ride in the Atlas Mountainsin Marrakesh, Morocco

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Camels are always accompanied by their keepers - agree with them about the distance of the ride before setting out.
How to take a camel ride in the Atlas Mountains in Marrakesh
High Atlas Mountains named after Greek Titan Atlas stretch out through whole Africa, but near the deserted flat lands of Morocco their might is felt the most. The safest, lived-in by travellers place to explore the mountains better is located in a range of mountains Ourika, near colorful Marrakesh.

Marrakesh lies near the Equator, so heat here is unbearable (+50° is a common temperature here), there are almost no shades. In this conditions climbing the mountains sounds odd, but in fact it's not that hot here, and even at noon mountain river and dense forest may seem as an oasis.

How to do?

1. Rent a car (price is about 20€ per day). Having got accurate coordinates (GPS in such conditions can let down), head to Ourika mountains range and start the climbing. Be careful, the road is asphalted, but narrow and steep!

, Marrakesh

2. Find appropriate camel stop - there are dozens of them, don't take first available, find cute landscape.

Camel stop, Marrakesh
Photo: Camel stop, © Chris Wilson

, Marrakesh

3. The main thing is to discuss the distance of the ride, as bored camel guards (frankly speaking, they are not guides) that wait for clients all day long can get hooked and take you too far!

, Marrakesh

Where to do?

#3The Atlas Mountains in MarrakeshThe Atlas Mountains

This mountain range is considered to be the heart of Morocco and a landmark destination for many travelers.

How much?

The car rent price is clear (about 20€), but the same can't be said for the ride. It can cost 2€ per person and more - all depends on your haggling skills. Bend the brows or even pretend as if you're gonna leave to reduce the ride price.

Tips and hints

Before taking a camel ride you'd better to learn some basic phrases in French, as Moroccans are not good at English.

, Marrakesh


Guest19 May 2024

More things to do in Marrakesh

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#8Learn your future from the fortune teller in MarrakeshLearn your future from the fortune tellerScale

However, daily in the Jemaa el-Fnaa square you can meet the fortune tellers of all kinds.

Jemaa el-Fnaa
#6See snake charmers in MarrakeshSee snake charmerschateau

On the stunning Jemaa al-Fnaa square daily performed colorful magicians, jugglers, narrators of folk legends, musicians and of course, snake charmers!

FREEJemaa el-Fnaa
#12Try tagine in MarrakeshTry tagineAjax

Tagine is an exotic kind of well-known roast beef in a ceramic pot. It differs in many nuances - cooking time, seasonings and other ingredients.

20Jemaa el-Fnaa
#3Taste Moroccan whiskey in MarrakeshTaste Moroccan whiskeyoddviser

Try traditional Moroccan whiskey, which is a humorous name for a most delicious mint tea ever. It really looks like that strong drink!

#9Visit the Moroccan hammam in MarrakeshVisit the Moroccan hammamGarry Positive

Moroccan hammam it is not a spa as many tourists used to think - it is a pretty harsh public bath for local people.

#10Try harira in MarrakeshTry hariraoddviser

Soup harira is an authentic part of the magnificent Moroccan cuisine and also is considered to be a national treasure.

20Jemaa el-Fnaa
#4Ride along the unique Gorges Dades Road in MarrakeshRide along the unique Gorges Dades Roadoddviser

A dizzy road leads to the Dades Gorge. Try to ride all the way by this dangerous, but spectacular motorway.

FREEThe Atlas Mountains
#2Fly in a balloon in MarrakeshFly in a balloonMohammed Lee

Cast into the Moroccan flavor and go on a balloon flight over Marrakech. Take a picture of the sunrise in a desert.

#5See goats grazing on trees in MarrakeshSee goats grazing on treesoddviser

Yes, on the trees. You've got it right. Goats are figuratively climb up the trees to to feed with juicy foliage.

#11Visit magnificent Majorelle botanic garden in MarrakeshVisit magnificent Majorelle botanic gardenLIFEisGOOD

This stunning place served as a source of inspiration for the great fashion designer Yves Sen-Laurent.

70Majorelle Garden
#7Visit the Valley of the Blue Rocks in MarrakeshVisit the Valley of the Blue Rocksoddviser

Have a look at the odd blue rocks of the Atlas Mountains. This masterpiece is not at a miracle of the nature, but the most unusual work of art.

FREETafraoute town
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