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Go for massage therapy on Crete

Feel how your body is filled with energy, as all the heavy thoughts leave you and how you again start to breathe after therapeutic massage.


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Go for massage therapy

#23 of 30 things to do on Crete
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In the city of Rethymnon, a short drive from the Old Town, is a wellness centre "Agigma". Here you can take a normal therapeutic massage, during which professionals will save you from all the pain in the body and fill you with energy and unusual Healing massage.

Its essence lies in the fact that only one part of the body is processed - feet, and they are reflected in the whole body. Alternative medicine is confident that if our body - is a tree, then feet - its roots, and each dot on them is responsible for a particular organ.

Massage lasts one hour but after it, you suddenly feel an unprecedented lightness, every cell of your body is nourished suddenly appeared energy, which will help you to leave no stone unturned in your way.

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Guest26 July 2017
Guest08 July 2016Great service! The best massage ever!

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