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Perfume Soukin Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Here, on the Perfume Souk you will not only get into the world of amazing aromas and incense, but also you'll get an opportunity to create your own fragrance!
Perfume Souk, Dubai
You've already heard about Spice Souk, the famous market full-fledged with tradition and the Gold Souk, the largest gold market in the Deira district. However, if you walk up the Sikkat Al Khali (Sikkat Al Khali) street you will stumble upon even more popular Perfume Souk.

Perfume Souk, Dubai
Photo: Perfume Souk

Perfumes on the market are created according to recipes transmitted from generation to generation. Some are based on alcohol, others on oils, there are also based on wax or boa. Some of them are able to adjust to the smell of the skin and on each person they smell differently, others - change the smell throughout the day and hold up to 8 hours. They are all made from natural ingredients, are hypoallergenic and do not cause skin irritation.

Perfume Souk, Dubai
Photo: Perfume Souk

On the Perfume Souk you will find everything that concerns fragrances: perfume with gold, oil mixtures, perfume-rollers, hard perfumes, essential oils, aromatic sticks, and the main feature of the market is the opportunity to create your own unique flavor. Perhaps, the only thing you can not find here is a brand perfume from famous manufacturers, you would rather find them in shopping center, for example, in the Dubai Mall.

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#28Create and buy your own perfume in DubaiCreate and buy your own perfumeJDI

Create a unique perfume of your own at Perfume Market.

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Perfume Souk on the map

Location: Deira district

Open hours

Daily from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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