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Things to do 26

#30Listen to music of Vivaldi in VeniceListen to music of Vivaldiklia balo

Listen to performance of Vivaldi's music in the church next to the orphanage, where this great Venetian composer worked.

€28The church of Santa Maria della Pietà
#34Buy Burano lace in VeniceBuy Burano laceklia balo

It is popular due to the special technology - burano lace is made from a single yarn and each product takes about three months of hard work.

€100Burano island
#41Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain in RomeThrow a coin in the Trevi fountainklia balo

Each day travellers throw coins in this fountain to come back to Rome. 1,4 million euros were thrown here during the last year.

FREETrevi Fountain
#14Visit Cagliari Cathedral on SardiniaVisit Cagliari Cathedralklia balo

Go up the hill, counting the numerous steps of luxurious stairs and visit the beautiful cathedral in the heart of Cagliari.

FREECagliari Cathedral
#2Try a space cake in a coffee shop in AmsterdamTry a space cake in a coffee shopklia balo

Amsterdam is the only place where space muffins are made - try one to add some ginger to your life:)

€7.50Red light district
#1Play cricket in ColomboPlay cricketklia balo

Quite often you can see Sri Lankan people playing on streets with materials on hand! Join the team and play cricket with Sri Lankan people!

#2Climb to the top of Holmenkollbakken in OsloClimb to the top of Holmenkollbakkenklia balo

Viewing platform at the height of 115 meters is accessible daily from 9 am till 8 pm (in winter - from 10 am till 4 pm).

NOK 130Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill
#16Make a wish on the Charles Bridge in PragueMake a wish on the Charles Bridgeklia balo

On the Charles Bridge, three of 30 statues fulfill desires - they typically shine because many people touched it - you will see.

Charles Bridge
#21See Sardinia in miniature on SardiniaSee Sardinia in miniatureklia balo

Visit a unique and incredibly interesting park where all the attractions look like toys.

€10Sardinia in Miniature Park
#3See the biggest in Europe dinosaur skeletons collection in BrusselsSee the biggest in Europe dinosaur skeletons collectionklia balo

Dinosaur skeletons in Museum of Natural Sciences are 230 million years.

€7Museum of Natural Sciences
#3Try Riga black in RigaTry Riga blackklia balo

Liquor with bitter and sweet flavour is added to coffee, cocktails or taken as medicine. You can try it in any bar or just buy in a supermarket.

#22See Puerta de Alcalá in MadridSee Puerta de Alcaláklia balo

In the Independence Square, in the heart of Madrid, you will see the calling card of this city - the monumental gate.

FREEAlcalá Gate
#11Try some lotus seeds on Koh SamuiTry some lotus seedsklia balo

The secret of eternal youth and immortality is no longer a secret for the Thai people — turns out, they found the clue to this puzzle in lotus seeds.

#11Make a wish at the Sigismund bell in KrakowMake a wish at the Sigismund bellklia balo

Go up to the Sigismund bell tower any day from 9 am till 5 pm. To make a wish touch the bell.

zł12The Wawel Cathedral
#11Play giant chess in ZurichPlay giant chessklia balo

On Lindenhof hill you can play chess. By the way, chess pieces here are as big as bowling pins.

FREELindenhof hill
#6Walk along Rustaveli Avenue in TbilisiWalk along Rustaveli Avenueklia balo

Get soaked with cultural life of Tbilisi taking a walk along the main street of the city - theters, museums and Georgian atmosphere.

FREERustaveli Avenue
#10Cruise down the Bosphorus in IstanbulCruise down the Bosphorusklia balo

Travel to Istanbul will seem to be incomplete without the emotions that can be obtained from a walk among the strait connecting Europe and Asia.

TRY 15
#11Try lutefisk in OsloTry lutefiskklia balo

Scandinavian Christmas dish of cod is served with mashed peas, bacon, boiled potatoes and akvavit vodka.

#3Try lohikeitto in HelsinkiTry lohikeittoklia balo

The creamy salmon soup is made from potato, leek, carrot, salmon and also they add spices. You can try it in restaurants around Helsinki.

#13See the Wawel Dragon breathing fire in KrakowSee the Wawel Dragon breathing fireklia balo

The Dragon statue breathes fire every 5 minutes or on order - send message with "smok" at number 7168.

FREECzerwieński Boulevard
#13Take a boat ride down the Ljubljanica in LjubljanaTake a boat ride down the Ljubljanicaklia balo

Boats depart from Breg embankment every hour from 11am till 5pm. You can book a seat or the whole boat.

€8The Ljubljanica
#8See dragon baby in LjubljanaSee dragon babyklia balo

Odd fish "proteus", also known as dragon baby, lives in the aquarium of the cave. Every hour from 9am till 6pm tram goes to this place.

€26Postojna Cave
#7Try all kinds of Becherovka in Karlovy VaryTry all kinds of Becherovkaklia balo

In Jan Becher Museum you can take an excursion from Tuesday till Sunday (9am-5pm), Becherovka tasting included.

Kč120Jan Becher Museum
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