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Rustaveli Avenuein Tbilisi, Georgia

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The main street in Tbilisi - Rustaveli Avenue is one and a half kilometer of culture of Tbilisi, history and Georgian authenticity.
Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi
Rustaveli Avenue is the main arterial road of Tbilisi. Here you'll find the Parliament of Georgia, the National museum of Georgia and the most expensive boutiques in Tbilisi. But the avenue is known not only for its architectural buildings. Plane trees grows on both sides of the avenue. And when it is sunny they "paint" wonderful lacelike drawings on the pavement.

There is a legend over the avenue that explains why the road is not straight, but with a zigzag in the middle. It goes that when the construction works took place the builders ran into obstacles - whether a church or a garden of an old man. They decided not to demolish it, but to go round.

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#6Walk along Rustaveli Avenue in TbilisiWalk along Rustaveli Avenueklia balo

Get soaked with cultural life of Tbilisi taking a walk along the main street of the city - theters, museums and Georgian atmosphere.

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Guest30 November 2023

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The district became a place of concentration of baths, built right on the sulfur springs. Here people improve their health and just relax after the end of workday.

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Flavor of Georgia, its temperament and national cuisine got together in one place - Desertirka is not a simple market, it has become a cultural sight of Tbilisi.

#6Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre in TbilisiRezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre

Theatre in old city that gives everyday pappet performance on the tower, makes the atmosphere in Tbilisi more fabulous and fairy.