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Deserters Marketin Tbilisi, Georgia

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Flavor of Georgia, its temperament and national cuisine got together in one place - Desertirka is not a simple market, it has become a cultural sight of Tbilisi.
Deserters Market, Tbilisi
Deserters' Market or also known as Desertirka is the biggest and the most chaotic food market in Tbilisi. Here you can try and buy national delicacy of the country, fruits and vegetables grown in Georgian people gardens and taste really genuine wine of Georgia. And it's not all the things you can buy on Deserters' Market in Tbilisi - if you need meat, on the first floor you'll find all kinds of it. If you want to buy spices you won't find better place than Deserter' Market.

Deserters Market, Tbilisi
Photo: Deserters Market

Deserters' Market got its name when the Civil war took place. Deserters came here to sell their clothes, accoutrements and weapons. The war came to its end, the deserters left the market and Georgian salespeople came instead of them to sell their stuff

Now special atmosphere prevails in Deserters' Market in Tbilisi - you can hear hooker-ins touts customers and smell different aromas.

Deserters Market, Tbilisi
Photo: Deserters Market

Deserters Market, Tbilisi
Photo: Deserters Market

How to get to Deserters' Market

Deserters' Market in Tbilisi is located on Abastumani Street, 5; it's near Station Square metro station.

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#2Try churchkhela in TbilisiTry churchkhelaDeneni

Anyone who come to Tbilisi should try this georgian national delicacy. It`s very tasty, good for health, substantial, and most importantly - delicious.

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Deserters Market on the map

Location: Abastumani Street, 5

Open hours

Tuesday - Sunday from 07.00 till 17.00
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Guest30 November 2023

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