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Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatrein Tbilisi, Georgia

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Theatre in old city that gives everyday pappet performance on the tower, makes the atmosphere in Tbilisi more fabulous and fairy.
Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre, Tbilisi
Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre is the first puppet theatre in Tbilisi. throughout its existence more than 30 years, the theatre has managed to get great reviews not only in the homeland, but in other cities - Edingburgh, New York, Toronto, Dresden.
The theatre holds 80 spectator seats and gives only 4 performances, but it doesn't make the place less preferable among locals and city visitors.

There is one interesting thing about the theater - every day at noon on the tower you'll can see a puppet performance.

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#7See the puppet performance in TbilisiSee the puppet performanceJ Carr

Taking a walk around the old town of Tbilisi make a stop at the theatre to see a performance on the clock tower.

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Location: Shavteli Street, 13
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Guest21 July 2024

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