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See the puppet performancein Tbilisi, Georgia

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Taking a walk around the old town of Tbilisi make a stop at the theatre to see a performance on the clock tower.
How to see the puppet performance in Tbilisi
The influence of personality Rezo Gabriadze upon the Georgian culture is enormous. His plays are possible to see not only in Georgia, but far beyound the borders of Georgia. But there is one performance that one can see only in Tbilisi and only at particular time.

How to do?

1. Go to the old town of Tbilisi on Shavteli Street, 13. Here Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater is located.
2. Come here at noon or at 7 pm.
3. You don't need to enter the theatre to see the performane. And you don't need to buy tickets either. Just stand next to the tower.
4. As soon as the clock shows 12 pm or 7 pm, the iron curtain covered with drawings opens and the performance starts.
5. The performance is called "The life circle" and tells about stages of life - two people meeting, wedding, giving birth to a child, agening and death. Quite a specific performance as for the pappet theatre, but still it has spectators.
6. After the performnce, come into the cafe that is with the same name as the theatre.

Where to do?

#6Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre in TbilisiRezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre

Theatre in old city that gives everyday pappet performance on the tower, makes the atmosphere in Tbilisi more fabulous and fairy.

Location: Shavteli Street, 13

When to do?

The performance starts every day at noon or at 7pm.


Guest18 May 2024

More things to do in Tbilisi

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#2Try churchkhela in TbilisiTry churchkhelaDeneni

Anyone who come to Tbilisi should try this georgian national delicacy. It`s very tasty, good for health, substantial, and most importantly - delicious.

1Deserters Market
#1Take a sulfur bath in TbilisiTake a sulfur bathLina

Relax in the sulfur bath of Abanotubani. You will recognize it by the specific smell of hydrogen sulphide.

#3See the transparent police station in TbilisiSee the transparent police stationAnna Tet

Thanks to the glass walls, you can observe how the modern georgian police is working, without even going inside.

FREEGlass building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
#6Walk along Rustaveli Avenue in TbilisiWalk along Rustaveli Avenueklia balo

Get soaked with cultural life of Tbilisi taking a walk along the main street of the city - theters, museums and Georgian atmosphere.

FREERustaveli Avenue
#5Visit the ruins of Mtskheta in TbilisiVisit the ruins of MtskhetaДарья Слепакова

The capital of the Kingdom of Kartli attracts fans of history and antiquity. Take a walk around the ancient streets, built BC.

#4Pass over the Pompey`s bridge in TbilisiPass over the Pompey`s bridgeSuper Сrabe

The bridge got the name not because of the notorious city, but in honor of the ancient roman commander Pompey, who ordered to built it.

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