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What to see in Tbilisi —
6 places to visit

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6 places to visit in Tbilisi


The ruins of ancient Mtskheta near Tbilisi is a World Heritage Site. The locals call it "Our Jerusalem" for a large concentration of religious monuments.

#2Abanotubani in TbilisiAbanotubani

The district became a place of concentration of baths, built right on the sulfur springs. Here people improve their health and just relax after the end of workday.

#3Deserters Market in TbilisiDeserters Market

Flavor of Georgia, its temperament and national cuisine got together in one place - Desertirka is not a simple market, it has become a cultural sight of Tbilisi.

#4Glass building of the Ministry of Internal AffairsGlass building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The wavy ribbon of blue glass appears to float above the water surface. It is especially beautiful at night.

#5Rustaveli Avenue in TbilisiRustaveli Avenue

The main street in Tbilisi - Rustaveli Avenue is one and a half kilometer of culture of Tbilisi, history and Georgian authenticity.

#6Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre in TbilisiRezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre

Theatre in old city that gives everyday pappet performance on the tower, makes the atmosphere in Tbilisi more fabulous and fairy.

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