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Go fishing for huge catfishin Pattaya, Thailand

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If you still don't have cool selfies with a big fish, head to the fishing park in Pattaya town for huge catfish and awesome pictures.
How to go fishing for huge catfish in Pattaya
Hooking 7-kilo fish doesn't require renting a boat, putting forth to sea or dangerous trips down the mountain rivers. In resort town of Pattaya there are at least three fishing parks in different districts where you can go fishing comfortably and reasonably priced. And, by the way, you can keep the catfish you catch for extra price.

Go fishing for huge catfish, Pattaya

How to do?

1. From the centre of Pattaya it is not difficult to reach the fishing park that is located after the third street. It is a 5-minute motorbike ride or a 15-minute walk.

2. In the park fish live in a man-made pond. On the shore you'll find places equipped for fishing, tables under roof (to protect from the sun), benches, chairs, bar-like counter and WC.

Catch a giant catfish, Pattaya

3. Having reached the place you have to address to a park worker to rent a fishing rod and buy some bait. Here white bread is used as bait. Fishing rod will cost you 500 bahts and fishing time is unlimited.

4. Dragging huge fish is a pretty hard thing, especially from the opposite side of the pond, it takes plenty of time, but don't be in a rush. At the end of fishing you'll have to pay for each lost hook and torn fishing line.

Go fishing for huge catfish, Pattaya

5. Having hooked up the fish to the shore you can draw it with the help of a dip net. And now it's time to take pictures and weight the catch and then release the catfish back into the water. But you can keep it for extra 1000 bahts.

Where to do?

#28Pattaya Fishing Park in PattayaPattaya Fishing Park

Pattaya Fishing Park is a dream of any avid fisherman. Huge pond is abundant with giant fish - try to catch enormous water inhabitants:)

Location: Pattaya, 3 Road Banglamung
Open hours: Daily from 10:00 till 22:00.
Phone: +66 84 528 4041
Official website: http://www.pattayafishing.net/amazon-fishing-park/

When to do?

Fishing park is open from 10 am till evening. It's better to come earlier when it's not too hot and fish doesn't go deep into the water.

Tips and hints

1. You can't take your own water or other beverages with you! All stuff of the kind can be bought here, however it's a bit overpriced (a bottle of water, for instance, is about 60 bahts).

2. To get successful fishing, stay patient. However, a lot depends on skills, experience in baiting and casting.

3. Don't bring your own fishing rod, to catch huge catfish you'll need special adjustments, thick fishing lines and big hooks. All this stuff you'll rent here.
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Guest21 July 2024

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