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Things to do 25

See peacocks on Rhodes
Кристина Нестеренко See peacocks#8 of 17 things to do on Rhodes

If you want to see peacocks that show off their beautiful plumage, then climb the mountain Filerimos!

How much: free#free#animals#strolling#selfieFilerimos mountain
Ride on the Blue Train in Cape Town
Кристина Нестеренко Ride on the Blue Train#6 of 14 things to do in Cape Town

Welcome aboard the Blue Train. Start a journey in the luxurious train-hotel. Follow the picturesque route from Pretoria to Cape Town.

How much: from 13795 rand#luxury#trains#relaxPretoria Train Station
Try Thai foot massage in Phuket
Кристина Нестеренко Try Thai foot massage#26 of 114 things to do in Phuket

After a busy day of hiking, be sure to check out the Thai foot massage — relieve your fatigue

How much: from 270 baht#massages#relax#authentic#health «Oriental Massage» Parlour
Try sangria in Madrid
Кристина Нестеренко Try sangria#20 of 21 things to do in Madrid

The best beverage in Spain is made from wine and fruits. It chills during the heat in summer and can warm you in winter.

How much: from 1 euro#cuisineMadrid
Try mangosteen in Phuket
Кристина Нестеренко Try mangosteen#67 of 114 things to do in Phuket

In addition to the stunning aesthetic and taste properties this delicious fruit has a high mineral elements content.

How much: from 35 baht#fruits#food Phuket
Try sapodilla in Phuket
Кристина Нестеренко Try sapodilla#64 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Because of the short-term storage period you can try out the tasty and healthy sapodilla only in tropical countries — do not miss this chance!

How much: from 40 baht#fruits#food Phuket
Visit the National Museum of Bargello in Florence
Кристина Нестеренко Visit the National Museum of Bargello#19 of 20 things to do in Florence

in the National Museum you can see original works by Michelangelo and Donatello.

How much: from 4 euros#cultural#strollingNational Museum of Bargello
Try the caciocavallo cheese in Rome
Кристина Нестеренко Try the caciocavallo cheese#62 of 62 things to do in Rome

The caciocavallo cheese is sweet and spicy at the same time. Every gourmet, travelling to Italy, should taste it.

How much: from 8 euros#cuisineRome
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