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«Oriental Massage» Parlour in Phuket

A great place to relax and enjoy — here you will be able to choose the procedures for health and beauty, suitable to you.


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«Oriental Massage» Parlour

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Oriental Massage Phuket is just a perfect place where you can really relax and get a lot of pleasant experiences and sensations. Phuket hosts 8 parlours providing massage and spa services of the highest quality. The range of services includes in addition to massage and spa the facial massage and body care. Customers are given a lot of different treatments to choose from — from massage with oils to the hot manicure and pedicure, face cleaning up, masks and body scrubs. The pleasure is complemented with relaxing music and attentive staff.

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Try Thai foot massage in Phuket
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After a busy day of hiking, be sure to check out the Thai foot massage — relieve your fatigue

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Location: 88/12 Thailand Kata Rd Karon, Mueang Phuket District Phuket

Open hours

daily from 10:00 to 23:00


Phone: +66 76 330 918, 088 768 6136


Guest27 July 2017

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