Try kono-pizza in Rome

Kono-pizza is an unusual variant of traditional pizza and one of the favorite dishes of many gourmets of the world.


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Try kono-pizza

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Kono-pizza has become the new business card of Rome by the last few years for both local and travelers. Just imagine: you walk through the streets of the Eternal City with your favorite delicacy, holding it in your hands like ice cream or a burger.

All the same thin layer of dough, your favorite fill-in for pizza and the time cooking no longer than 10 minutes - that is a kono-pizza. The Pizzeria makes it possible to choose a drink or whipped mousse from vegetables and fruits for a symbolic price for your pizza. And most importantly - there are always small queues there due to the recent discovery.

Therefore, Oddviser advises you to drop into Via del Pellegrino, which is next to Ponte Sisto Bridge and Campo dei Fiori Square - and try kono-pizza from Uncle Mimmo!

Where to do?

Kono Pizza in Rome
Kono Pizza#35 of 46 places to visit in Rome

The small caffee in the center of Rome. Here you can order pizza to go and taste this interesting fast food walking through the city.

Open hours: from 12 am to 11:59 pm on weekdays, and from 12 am to 2 am on weekends

How much?

from €5.


Guest27 June 2017

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