Visit Florence Abbey in Florence

Come into the abode of monks in the heart of Florence, where at one time Dante came in the hope of meeting his Beatrice.


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Visit Florence Abbey

#9 of 20 things to do in Florence
Place: Badia Fiorentina in Florence, Italy

Badia Fiorentina is located in Florence, close to Dante's house, and the spire of the bell tower of the building is visible from the most extreme corners of the city.

Inside the house of the monks Brotherhood of Jerusalem lies the modest architecture without affecting its size, but capable of bring delight any ascetic. Especially interesting is the baroque church ceiling, fresco, altar painting "The Appearance of Our Lady to Saint Bernard" and the tomb of Hugo.

Tourists can visit Badia Fiorentina only on Monday from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm.

Prices: free.

Location: Via del Proconsolo

Badia Fiorentina on the map

Badia Fiorentina
Badia Fiorentina#8 of 15 places to visit in Florence

The magnificent building in the center of Florence, where Dante is often dropped in and which became home to the Jerusalem Brotherhood monks.



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Visit the National Museum of Bargello in Florence
Кристина Нестеренко Visit the National Museum of Bargello#18 of 20 things to do in Florence

in the National Museum you can see original works by Michelangelo and Donatello.

How much: from 4 euros#cultural#strollingNational Museum of Bargello
Have a picnic on the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence
WALLis Have a picnic on the Piazzale Michelangelo#3 of 20 things to do in Florence

At sunset climb the long staircase to the city's main observation deck and have a small picnic.

How much: free#free#views#romanticPiazzale Michelangelo
Walk on the terraces of Rose Garden in Florence
J Carr Walk on the terraces of Rose Garden#7 of 20 things to do in Florence

Inhaling the scent of hundreds of roses, walk on the garden terrace, enjoying views of the city.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#romanticThe Rose Garden
Walk through the Vasari Corridor in Florence
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Take a walk along the secret corridor, built in the 16th century and leading from the Palazzo Vecchio in the Boboli Gardens.

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See the "Gates of Paradise" in Florence
oddviser See the "Gates of Paradise"#8 of 20 things to do in Florence

Visit the place where Dante and Medici were baptized and where are the most unusual gate called "Gates of Paradise".

How much: from 5 euros#authentic#free#selfieFlorence Baptistery
Try panforte in Florence
Felicity Try panforte#14 of 20 things to do in Florence

Panforte is a traditional Italian delicacy for Christmas.

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Try the Florentine steak in Florence
oddviser Try the Florentine steak#5 of 20 things to do in Florence

Juicy meat roasted to black on top, but the bright pink inside, is made of a rare type of beef and is very popular among locals.

How much: from 45 euros#cuisineFlorence
Take a walk in the Cascine Park in Florence
Abarrane Take a walk in the Cascine Park#15 of 20 things to do in Florence

Relax on the green fields, under the trees, watching the cyclists, and have a picnic in the beautiful Cascine Park.

How much: free#strolling#natureCascine Park
See play in the Pergola Theatre in Florence
WALLis See play in the Pergola Theatre#12 of 20 things to do in Florence

Feel like a real theatergoer and visit the oldest opera house of the world, which is famous for its acoustics.

How much: from 15 euros#cultural#romantic#luxuryPergola Theatre
Walk through the Piazza Duomo in Florence
mila Walk through the Piazza Duomo#1 of 20 things to do in Florence

Early in the morning or late in the evening come to the main square of the city and stroll among the most famous sights of Florence.

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Go through Porta Romana in Florence
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After passing under the famous Roman gate, opening the way to Rome you will see the "something" is located next to them.

How much: free#free#strolling#selfiePorta Romana
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