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See the Rotax MAX Challengein Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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If you have a chance to visit the karting competition Rotax MAX Challenge, don’t waste it! Go to see the famous karting challenge.
How to see the Rotax MAX Challenge in Al Ain
If you have a chance to visit the karting competition Rotax MAX Challenge, don’t waste it. The championship lasts from October to April and includes 12 stages, some of them being held in Al Ain on the longest racing track, the length of which is 1,6 kilometers.

Racers from all over the world, having the necessary license, take part in the challenge. The challenge is held in 6 categories of bolides. The scale of the racing, the intensity of emotions, the roaring of motors – the culmination moments will never faint from your memory.

Where to do?

#1Al Ain Sportplex in Al AinAl Ain Sportplex

In addition to diverse sporting activities, the sports complex has the longest karting track in Asia.

Location: Al Ain,Abu Dhabi
Open hours: daily from 07:00 to 23:00
Phone: +971 3 768 8888
Official website: http://alainsp.ae


Guest25 May 2024

More things to do in Al Ain

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#5Try fresh camel milk in Al AinTry fresh camel milkoddviser

The taste of the true Emirates is the taste of fresh camel milk, rich with vitamins and perfectly quenching thirst.

8Camel Market
#6See the Hili Tomb in Al AinSee the Hili Tomboddviser

You should see the main historical attraction of the UAE — the Hili tomb, is age counts more than four thousand years.

1Hili Archaeological Gardens
#3Drive an F1 track in Al AinDrive an F1 trackoddviser

Feel like an F1 racer and drive on the Middle East longest karting track, 1,6 kilometers long.

120Al Ain Sportplex
#2Climb Jebel Hafeet mountain in Al AinClimb Jebel Hafeet mountainoddviser

Ascend one of the most picturesque parts of the UAE. A breathtaking journey up the mountain of Jebel Hafeet makes everybody very impressed.

FREEJebel Hafeet
#1Feed giraffes in Al AinFeed giraffesoddviser

Feed a giraffe at the incredible Al Ain Zoo, largest in the Middle East. It will bring a lot of fun for both adults and children.

15Al Ain Zoo
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