United Arab Emirates

Al Ain things to do & places to visit

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Things to do in Al Ain 6

Feed giraffes in Al Ain
oddviser Feed giraffes#1 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

Feed a giraffe at the incredible Al Ain Zoo, largest in the Middle East. It will bring a lot of fun for both adults and children.

How much: from 15 dirhams#giraffes#animal#kidsAl Ain Zoo
Climb Jebel Hafeet mountain in Al Ain
oddviser Climb Jebel Hafeet mountain#2 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

Ascend one of the most picturesque parts of the UAE. A breathtaking journey up the mountain of Jebel Hafeet makes everybody very impressed.

How much: free#mountains#views#nature#freeJebel Hafeet
Drive an F1 track in Al Ain
oddviser Drive an F1 track#3 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

Feel like an F1 racer and drive on the Middle East longest karting track, 1,6 kilometers long.

How much: from 120 dirhams#active#extremeAl Ain Sportplex
See the Rotax MAX Challenge in Al Ain
oddviser See the Rotax MAX Challenge#4 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

If you have a chance to visit the karting competition Rotax MAX Challenge, don’t waste it! Go to see the famous karting challenge.

How much: price unknown#showsAl Ain Sportplex
Try fresh camel milk in Al Ain
oddviser Try fresh camel milk#5 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

The taste of the true Emirates is the taste of fresh camel milk, rich with vitamins and perfectly quenching thirst.

How much: from 8 dirhams#camels#animals#unusual#authentic#cuisineCamel Market
To see the Hili Tomb in Al Ain
oddviser To see the Hili Tomb#6 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

You should see the main historical attraction of the UAE — the Hili tomb, is age counts more than four thousand years.

How much: from 1 dirham#authentic#strolling#educationalHili Archaeological Gardens
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Places to visit in Al Ain 6

Al Ain Sportplex
Al Ain Sportplex#1 of 6 places to visit in Al Ain

In addition to diverse sporting activities, the sports complex has the longest karting track in Asia.

#activitiesAl Ain
Jebel Hafeet
Jebel Hafeet#2 of 6 places to visit in Al Ain

This amazing natural monument attracts lots of tourists by its hot springs, panoramas from viewing platforms and natural caves.

#mountains#sightsAl Ain
Al Ain Zoo
Al Ain Zoo#3 of 6 places to visit in Al Ain

The largest zoo in the Middle East offers excellent habitat conditions. Peace and tranquility prevail here. The zoo represents fauna from around the world.

#zoosAl Ain
Aquapark «Wadi Adventure»
Aquapark «Wadi Adventure»#4 of 6 places to visit in Al Ain

The aquapark «Wadi Adventure» — is an shelter on hot day and incredibly extreme entertainment on the man-made turbulent rivers.

#water-parksAl Ain
Camel Market
Camel Market#5 of 6 places to visit in Al Ain

It is the place where you can feel the spirit of the old disappearing Arabia, take a look at camels and enjoy camel milk.

#marketsAl Ain
Hili Archaeological Gardens
Hili Archaeological Gardens#6 of 6 places to visit in Al Ain

This site gives you a chance to get in touch with the mysteries of the past buried in ancient tombs and ruins of the Iron Age settlements.

#parks#sightsAl Ain

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