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Hili Archaeological Gardensin Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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This site gives you a chance to get in touch with the mysteries of the past buried in ancient tombs and ruins of the Iron Age settlements.
Hili Archaeological Gardens, Al Ain
The place with the poetic name “Hili Archaeological Gardens Healy is a public park created to mark and develop the territory in which the main historical monument of the United Arab Emirates – the ancient Hili Tomb - were found.

Here, the contrasting picture is made up by the beautiful gardens and many modern fountains at the background of the ancient tombs. In total, the park has three Bronze Age burials surrounded by several smaller graves and the ruins of the ancient settlement of the Iron Age. Only two of the three tombs are available for detailed exploration, and the third tomb is still explored by archaeologists.

A copy of the Hili Tomb, which is the most significant archaeological find, is situated in the heart of the Hili Archaeological Gardens. Its original is not available for visits and is under state protection. In the Tomb, the diameter of which is twelve meters, the remains of people, their everyday objects and the rock engravings at the entrances. In the second tomb of the park, the remains of four rooms and people were found.

A unique design of the ancient water conduit through which water came from underground sources in the most arid areas was found in the remote part of the garden.

The Hili Gardens Healy available for visiting from 16:30 to 21:30. The gardens are closed On public holidays.

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#6See the Hili Tomb in Al AinSee the Hili Tomboddviser

You should see the main historical attraction of the UAE — the Hili tomb, is age counts more than four thousand years.

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Hili Archaeological Gardens on the map

Location: Mohammed Bin Khalifa St, Hili, Al Ain

Open hours

every day except holidays from 16:30 to 21:30, Friday from 10:00 to 22:00


Phone: +971 2 666 4442


Guest05 December 2023

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