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Al Ain Zooin Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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6 things to doin Al Ain
The largest zoo in the Middle East offers excellent habitat conditions. Peace and tranquility prevail here. The zoo represents fauna from around the world.
Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain
The zoo is buried in verdure, here you may find a shelter in the shade of palm trees and walk around the alleys surrounded by blooming gardens. The Al Ain Zoo differs from other zoos by the absence of narrow cells and iron rods — "local inhabitants" are placed in large natural enclosures. The zoo represents fauna from around the world - more than four thousand animals, including those who are marginal.

The zoo is divided into special zones: the first one is assigned to large graceful cats — panthers, leopards, tigers and lions. The second zone is occupied by reptiles — a variety of lizards, iguanas, many species of snakes and turtles. The third zone contains darkened homes in which night inhabitants keep quiet — owls, hedgehogs, wild Arab cats and diverse rodents. The fourth zone belongs to birds.

The biggest attraction of the zoo is a huge aquarium with a hundred of sea animals. The zoo offers its visitors a variety of activities, including the feeding of animals, camel rides, show of birds. A special transport with open carriages runs throughout the territory to make your movements comfortable, holidaymakers may use leisure picnic areas, playgrounds and several cafes created specially for them.

Price: adult ticket - 15 dirhams and tickets for children - 5 dirhams.

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#1Feed giraffes in Al AinFeed giraffesoddviser

Feed a giraffe at the incredible Al Ain Zoo, largest in the Middle East. It will bring a lot of fun for both adults and children.

AED 15
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Open hours

daily from 09:00 to 19:00; from June to September from 16:00 to 21:00


Official website: http://alainzoo.ae
Phone: +971 3 7992000


Guest04 March 2024

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