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The most famous Croatian dish, dry-cured ham, has two types - Istrian pršut and Dalmatian pršut. Taste it with melon or sheep cheese, olives and onion.

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Try pršut

#11 of 25 things to do in Dubrovnik
Pršut (do not confuse with Italian prosciutto) is a traditional dish of Croatian cuisine. The famous ham comes in two types: the one dry-cured on the sun and wind is called Istrian. The other one, smoked and salted, is Dalmatian.

In Croatia, they usually serve pršut either with melon, or with sheep cheese, olives and onion.

How much?

you can buy pršut in any supermarket or butcher shop (they say pršut is specifically delicious in butcher shops). The price is 100 kunas per kilogram.

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Gastro Tour, Hedonist's #1 Choice
Gastro Tour, Hedonist's #1 Choice

Imagine having history of Dubrovnik brought to you on a plate, in some of the city’s finest restaurants. It is a perfect opportunity to dive into the renowned Dalmatian cuisine.

Price from 660 kunas#restaraunts#cuisine


Guest23 July 2017

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