Walk through the Piazza Duomo in Florence

Early in the morning or late in the evening come to the main square of the city and stroll among the most famous sights of Florence.


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Walk through the Piazza Duomo

#1 of 36 things to do in Florence
On Piazza del Duomo, Florence's main square, where are concentrated the most beautiful buildings of the city, it is best to walk in the early morning or late evening, when the tourists are very few, and you can enjoy the majesty of this place to the fullest.

In the Piazza del Duomo there are cozy cafes and restaurants where you can try the Florentine kitchen, sitting at a table in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

In the evenings there are live concerts by street musicians, and in the midst of the fun you can even dance.

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Piazza del Duomo in Florence
Piazza del Duomo#2 of 28 places to visit in Florence

The city's main square, where in one place gathered luxury buildings of Florence, and where always you can see crowds of travelers.



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Visit Dante's House Museum in Florence
oddviserVisit Dante's House Museum#19 of 36 things to do in Florence

In the very center of Florence there is a house. This is a place where outstanding Italian poet Dante Alighieri wrote his world famous "Divine Comedy".

How much: from 4 euros#cultural#educationalDante Alighieri House Museum
Watch the Statue of David in Florence
oddviserWatch the Statue of David#36 of 36 things to do in Florence

Watch the most iconic work of Michelangelo - a statue of the biblical hero David, carved from a single piece of marble.

How much: from 8 euros#cultural#educationalFlorence
Go through Porta Romana in Florence
milaGo through Porta Romana#14 of 36 things to do in Florence

After passing under the famous Roman gate, opening the way to Rome you will see the "something" is located next to them.

How much: free#free#strolling#selfiePorta Romana
See the death mask of Dante in Florence
maxwellSee the death mask of Dante#21 of 36 things to do in Florence

In the Palazzo Vecchio you will find the death mask of Dante, which is going to see many of his admirers.

How much: from 10 euros#strollingPalazzo Vecchio
Find the secret passage in the Buontalenti Grotto in Florence
AbarraneFind the secret passage in the Buontalenti Grotto#16 of 36 things to do in Florence

Go down to the grotto and find the secret passage to the Ponte Vecchio.

How much: free#strolling#mysticFlorence
Walk on the terraces of Rose Garden in Florence
J CarrWalk on the terraces of Rose Garden#7 of 36 things to do in Florence

Inhaling the scent of hundreds of roses, walk on the garden terrace, enjoying views of the city.

How much: free#free#strolling#views#romanticThe Rose Garden
Walk through the Vasari Corridor in Florence
AbarraneWalk through the Vasari Corridor#28 of 36 things to do in Florence

Take a walk along the secret corridor, built in the 16th century and leading from the Palazzo Vecchio in the Boboli Gardens.

How much: from 80 euros#free#strolling#viewsVasari Corridor
See play in the Pergola Theatre in Florence
WALLisSee play in the Pergola Theatre#13 of 36 things to do in Florence

Feel like a real theatergoer and visit the oldest opera house of the world, which is famous for its acoustics.

How much: from 15 euros#cultural#romantic#luxuryPergola Theatre
Buy antiques at the flea market in Florence
oddviserBuy antiques at the flea market#30 of 36 things to do in Florence

In a secret place in Florence you can buy vintage, antique and very unusual things at the most attractive prices.

How much: price unknown#authentic#strolling#souvenirsFlea market on Piazza dei Ciompi
Try florentines in Florence
oddviserTry florentines#9 of 36 things to do in Florence

Try divine Italian cookies with almond petals, named in honor of the village near beautiful Florence.

How much: from 2 euros#cuisine#souvenirsFlorence
See the masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence
Joe GuardinoSee the masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery#4 of 36 things to do in Florence

Visit one of the most famous galleries in the world, where are the works by Raphael and Botticelli.

How much: from 8 euros#culturalUffizi Gallery
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