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Go underground cave divingin Budapest, Hungary

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Go diving in 700 meter-long caves just right under Budapest.
How to go underground cave diving in Budapest
Cave complex in subterrene of Buda (Buda is the eastern bank of Budapest) was found in XIX century by pharmacologist Janos Molnar.

It took 200 years to explore 7000 meters of Janos Molnar caves – submerged underground labyrinth at a depth of more than 80 meters. Warm thermal springs seep out of earth at the bottom and cold karstic water flows from the mountains – that’s why the temperature in the underground differs (from 23°C to 27°C).

Molnar Janos Cave is 3-4 meters wide, Budapest
Photo: Molnar Janos Cave is 3-4 meters wide, © 1

How to do?

1.Going down into the cave is possible only with an aqualung. If it’s you very first dive, you’d better take preparatory diving lessons (ask provider for details, for example here). Book a diving, ask the organizer about meeting point – land-based entry is on the bank of the Danube.

2. While swimming along the underground corridors, breathe steadily, don’t thrash about and don’t touch walls of the cave – limestone can come crashing down and muddy the water

Molnar Janos Cave is 3-4 meters wide, Budapest

Where to do?

#8Molnar Janos CaveMolnar Janos Cave

Under one of the mountains in Buda there is an underground cave; it is almost 100 meters deep and filled up with water almost to its brink edges.

Location: 48, Frankel Leo Str.

When to do?

The cave is under construction temporarily. It is planned to be opened on October, 1 2017.

How much?

• 40-meter dive (for 50-70 min) - ,
€70 per 1 person, €60/person for two people, €50/person for three people and more.
• 90-meter dive (for 90 -150 min), €170 per 1 person, €100/person for two people, €50/per for three people and more plus extra pay for a group.
Equipment rental is additionally charged.

Tips and hints

Don't touch limestone walls - they can easily come crashing down!


Guest18 May 2024

More things to do in Budapest

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#2Try kürtőskalács in BudapestTry kürtőskalácsJ Carr

In addition to meat dishes, Hungary is famous for its delicious dessert kürtőskalács - bun with sugar and cinnamon.

#12Visit the military hospital of World War II in BudapestVisit the military hospital of World War IICalipso

You will see figures of soldiers, civilians and medical staff who struggle to survive during difficult wartime.

#4Ride on the old funicular in BudapestRide on the old funicularEugene Krasowski

The old funicular of the 19th century leads to the Buda Castle Hill where you can explore the city from atop and make beautiful panoramic shots.

1000Castle Hill
#7Go to the Fogashaz ruin-pub in BudapestGo to the Fogashaz ruin-pubАй Хантер

In this pub, art is combined with the holiday post-apocalyptic spirit. This is an art space created in the old, abandoned building of the Jewish quarter.

Ruin-pub Fogashaz
#5Ride in one of the oldest subways of the world in BudapestRide in one of the oldest subways of the worldHarper Fuller

Sit down in the subway train carriage, which is considered the oldest in Europe.

#3Relax in the Szechenyi Bath in BudapestRelax in the Szechenyi BathFelicity

You can relax and rejuvenate in hot baths and pools in one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe.

4700Széchenyi Thermal Bath
#1Climb on the Gellert Hill in BudapestClimb on the Gellert Hilloddviser

Climb on the top of the 200-meter high mountain, where you will find the Statue of Liberty and can see the Budapest to the smallest detail.

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