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Kameiros on Rhodes

The city, where you can find only ruins, see the ghosts of the past and take a walk to the places mentioned by Homer in his immortal poem.


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#10 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes
Kameiros is located on the north-west coast of the island, was destroyed by an earthquake more than 2000 years ago. Now here are only ruins, that tell wonderful stories about the heyday of the city to archaeologists and historians.

Here you can walk among the remains of ancient streets, come into the Doric temples, relax in the courtyards of the city residents of the past.

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See the panorama of the ancient Kamiros town on Rhodes
AbarraneSee the panorama of the ancient Kamiros town#13 of 21 things to do on Rhodes

From the height of the ruins of temple, you can see how nature connects with the ancient history.

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Ostrich Farm & Park on Rhodes
Ostrich Farm & Park#5 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

Hilarious fun for the whole family, there are farm and zoo here, where in addition to ostriches are monkeys, donkeys, kangaroos, goats and camels.

The Acropolis of Rhodes on Rhodes
The Acropolis of Rhodes#7 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

Acropolis will delight history lovers a beautiful amphitheatre, where studied Cicero, a luxurious temple of the Pythian Apollo and the ancient stadium.

Filerimos mountain on Rhodes
Filerimos mountain#3 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

On top of this mountain are a Catholic monastery, orthodox church, the path "the way to Calvary" and the beautiful panoramic area.

Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes
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In the Acropolis of Lindos, that is as famous as the Acropolis of Athens, you can walk among ancient columns, see how the archaeologists work and touch history.

Prasonisi Cape on Rhodes
Prasonisi Cape#12 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

South point of the island of Rhodes, called "kiss of two seas", because it is here the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea come together.

Church of St. Panteleimon on Rhodes
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The bright decoration of village Siana, the church with high towers, frescoes, painted ceiling and the relics of of St. Panteleimon.

Embona village on Rhodes
Embona village#16 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

The island is the center of wine-making, there are small wineries and large plant here, as well as many taverns and houses in true Greek style.

Pastida on Rhodes
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A tiny village is located a few kilometers away from Rhodes Airport, is famous for its honey and where a unique Bee museum with apiaries and a gift shop is located.

Lindos town on Rhodes
Lindos town#13 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

The small town on the coast, with white houses of 16-18 centuries, two picturesque coves, ancient buildings, described by Homer and Herodotus, and Christian churches.

Agios Nektarios Monastery on Rhodes
Agios Nektarios Monastery#19 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

The magnificent terracotta building, where the particles of the relics of Saint Nektarios are located, who was revered in Greece and rest here in peace.

Bee Museum on Rhodes
Bee Museum#8 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

In the village of Pastida is an unusual museum, which tells all about beekeeping, and you can watch the bees through the glass of the transparent beehive.

Monastery Tsambika on Rhodes
Monastery Tsambika#17 of 21 places to visit on Rhodes

At the top of a 240-meter hill saint monastery is located, where many people come to perform a ritual that helps to get rid of incurable diseases.

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