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Take a walk along the canal Saint-Martin in Paris

You can walk along the canal both in the daytime and in the evening or take a ride on the river tram.


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Take a walk along the canal Saint-Martin

#12 of 40 things to do in Paris
The famous canal which was dug almost 200 years ago was built for the water supply of the Parisian fountains and for the facilitation of river navigation is now used for tourists attraction.

Top channel places are Quai de Valmy on one side and the Quai de Jemmapes, where you can feel the spirit of the Paris. The most interesting way to explore the canal - ride on a river boat, which begins from Bassin de l'Arsenal.

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Canal Saint-Martin in Paris
Canal Saint-Martin#5 of 26 places to visit in Paris

Located in the working-class district, surrounded by factories, the canal and its promenade gives an excellent picture of the life of ordinary Parisians.



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