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Ride the Wonder Wheelin New York, United States

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Ride one of the oldest Ferris wheels in the world in the theme park on Coney Island. It's height is over 40 meters and the atmosphere is just fantastic.
How to ride the Wonder Wheel in New York
The theme park on Coney Island has an attraction called the Wonder Wheel. To be true, it is not the highest one in the world, but it has many other advantages. The Wonder Wheel in New York is one of the oldest Ferris wheels and has been functioning since 1920! Just imagine that this attraction will celebrate its hundredth anniversary in a few years! From a height of more than 40 meters, you will see a magnificent panorama of the city, as well as the terrific endless ocean.

The total ride capacity of the Wonder Wheel is 144 passengers. The attraction has the total of 24 cabins, designed for 6 passengers each. The passenger cabins are not only swinging while the attraction is on the move, but are also sliding along special rails. The construction is unique, some cabins of the wheel can change their movement direction.

The one and only stoppage of the Wonder Wheel happened in 1977 during the New York City blackout. If you don't take this case into account, you can state with confidence that the mechanism runs like clockwork. Each year the construction is painted, and its mechanisms and junctions are overhauled in order to protect them from unfavorable weather conditions. The Wonder Wheel has become one of the major sights and landmarks of New York.

Where to do?

#5Coney Island in New YorkConey Island

Coney Island is a place the south of Brooklyn with a spirit of celebration and joy. It is one of the best theme parks in New York.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Open hours: around the clock

How much?

the price of the ticket to the Wonder Wheel is $7.


Guest24 June 2024

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