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Radio City Music Hallin New York, United States

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Radio City Music Hall is an indoor theater in the center of New York. It houses the most perfectly equipped stage in the world.
Radio City Music Hall, New York
Everyone has heard of Broadway stage musicals. Those, who had a chance of seeing at least one of them, understand why these incredible shows are so popular. In the center of New York, there's a huge indoor theater, the stage of which is considered to be the best equipped in the world. This refers to Radio City Music Hall.

The concert hall has a pleasant classic design and houses more than six thousand visitors. The Great Stage of the theater is the place where flamboyant social events, including Grammy Awards ceremonies, are held. The pride of the music hall is the huge organ, made up of more than four thousand pipes.

Hardly any other New York show evokes such excitement, as Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

To get to Radio City Music Hall, you should take the subway to Rockefeller Center and walk towards Times Square.

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#5See a Broadway musical in New YorkSee a Broadway musicaloddviser

Go to see a fantastic Broadway musical. Tremendous Broadway shows are a must-see for each and every city guest.

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Radio City Music Hall on the map

Location: 1260 Ave of the Americas


Official website: http://radiocity.com
Phone: +1 212-465-6741


Guest21 July 2024

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