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Take a bath in Cleopatra's Antique Poolin Marmaris, Turkey

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Take a bath in a curative waters of spring where Queen of Egypt Cleopatra used to like to rejuvenate.
How to take a bath in Cleopatra's Antique Pool in Marmaris
Among all the hot springs in Pamukkale Cleopatra's Antique Pool is the most popular one.

Formerly it was called Roman or Antique pool as emperors used to like to relax and treat here. But in XX century the pool got more appealing name. Thus the legend was made up saying that Cleopatra took a bath in this spring to be young and beautiful.

How to do?

1. Head to Pamukkale. It is located 250 kilometers from Antalya and 18 kilometers from Denizli. You'll find the hot spring situated right here.
2. The pool is divided into two parts - deep one and shallow one. In the deep part there is a pump through which thermal mineral water spouts. In the shallow part water is not so hot and here swimming with children is more comfortable.
3. Find free place and get into the spring. But be careful, on the bottom of the pool there are ruins of a porch that were destroyed by an earthquake, they can be slippery and sgharp.
4. Even if you happen to be here in winter it's not a problem to take off clothes and take a bath here. The temperature of the water in the bool is never below 35 degrees.
5. The water here is mineralized and bathing with bubbles is double pleasure.

Where to do?

#9Pamukkale in AntalyaPamukkale

A museum that was created by nature. Pamukkale is a fantastic phenomenon with calcium "snow" cascades and ruins of ancient tow.

How much?

Entering the pool territory is free, but if you want to take a bath it will cost 32 liras for adults and 10 liras for children.


Guest20 April 2024

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