Eat chorba for dinner in Marmaris

Ttraditional turkish soup chorba is very nutritious, gives strength, and even helps to cope with the hangover.


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Eat chorba for dinner

#6 of 10 things to do in Marmaris
Traditional Turkish soup chorba (Çorba) is eaten at any time of the day and year. There are refreshing soups for the summer - yoghurt soup with peppermint and ayran soup, as well as tomato soup.

A more nutritious dish, as well as a real rescue from a hangover in the morning, will be chorba made of corn or lentil. The second one, Mercimek Çorbası, is one of the most popular in all regions of Turkey.

How to do?

1. Order chorba in any cafe in Turkey (except kebab house, although it can be cooked there).
2. Often, soup is served with free of charge bread and vegetables with herbs - check with the waiter.

How much?

A portion of chorba - 10 TRL.


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