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Taste mezcalin Mexico City, Mexico

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Taste mezcal - tequila's «big brother». In a bottle of this elite liquor, you will see a huge caterpillar - «Juanito».
How to taste mezcal in Mexico City
Mexican traditional alcoholic beverage mezcal had emerged much earlier than tequila did. Mezcal is usually from 38% to 43% alcohol by volume. It is produced from the juice of certain agave species using fermentation and distillation processes. They also add sugar and other ingredients to the beverage.

Unlike tequila, mezcal possesses a more distinctive flavor and taste. Some producers put a big caterpillar into the bottles with the liquor. This caterpillar lives on the leaves and cores of agave. The first caterpillar suffered such a fate in the ‘40s. It proved to be a clever marketing ploy, which was soon borrowed by other brands.

Caterpillars nicknamed "juanito" were attributed to with different properties – from being a source of male power to the connection with the other world. As a matter of fact, there is no difference between the beverages with "the worm" and without it. A juanito is just a bait for strong drink lovers, you do not need to eat it at all.

How much?

the price of the beverage depends on the type, quality of the beverage, and place of buying. For example, the price of one mezcal bottle at the market may start with 100 pesos, whereas in specialized stores it may reach 1500-2000 pesos.

Tips and hints

you can buy a bottle of excellent mezcal in specialized stores, mezcal-producing plants, supermarkets and even at local markets. Before you make your choice of mezcal you are sure to be offered to taste it. The traditional way of drinking mezcal is as follows: the beverage is poured into a special bowl, which is a dried shell of a small pumpkin, and after drinking they have a bite of an orange slice, a mixture of salt, chili pepper and dried juanito worms.


Guest18 May 2024

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In Mexico they use tortilla to make anything, even soup. Treat yourself to this dish — it is sure to set your mouth on fire!

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It's not a funeral service item, but an unusual sweet on the Day of the Dead.

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Do your makeup and go to the center of the city to celebrate the victory of life over death.

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