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See the toucanin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Do you know why the toucan’s beak is so huge? Learn many interesting facts about this wonderful bird at Fundacao RioZoo.
How to see the toucan in Rio de Janeiro
The odd bird toucan looks as if created by a child’s sketch: parti-colored plumage, big blue eyes and a disproportionately large bright beak, that looks very heavy and awkward.

The Fundacao RioZoo accommodates more than twenty species of toucans, whose screams can be heard a kilometer away. Birds of one of the species produce strange sounds: "Tokano! Tokano!". And this where the name “toucan” comes from.

Many scientists had been puzzled by the question about the purpose of the huge beak of the toucan. Finally, after many debates and studies, they learnt several facts. First, the large beak helps the toucan to reach for berries on thin branches that would not bear the weight of the toucan itself. Second, toucans throw berries to each other and catch them with their beaks. The indents on the tip of the beak help them hold and open fruits. And third, some scientists presume that the bright beak serves as a kind of a signal by which the birds can easily find and recognize each other.

Do you know how and where toucans sleep? This spectacle is as odd as the bird itself. The bird lays the beak on its back, while turning its head back. The family of toucans sleep all in one hollow. This is another oddity, which is difficult to believe in without seeing it with your own eyes. Each bird throws its tail on the chest, lays the beak on the back, wraps up in its wings, and then climbs backwards into the hollow.

After examining the structure of the toucan's beak, the researchers concluded that nature created a device of a brilliant design, featuring amazing strength and lightness. This design could be used in the aircraft building in the development of lightweight but durable materials.

Where to do?

#1Fundacao Rio Zoo in Rio de JaneiroFundacao Rio Zoo

Rio Zoo is a great place to start your acquaintance with the Brazilian fauna. There you will find an impressive collection of animals and birds of the Amazon jungle.

Location: Quinta da Boa Vista, s/n - São Cristóvão
Open hours: Opening hours 9:00 to 16:30, Tuesday through Sunday.
Phone: +55 21 3878-4200


Guest21 July 2024

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#7Surf at Copacabana in Rio de JaneiroSurf at CopacabanaLev Сhechetkin

Copacabana beach is a perfect paradise for surfers. If you are one of them – grab your surf and go to conquer the huge waves of Copacabana.

FREECopacabana beach
#5Participate in the carnival in Rio de JaneiroParticipate in the carnivalKateryna Plakhotna

Take part in the bright carnival procession, choose a most extraordinary costume and surprise everyone. Be immersed into the atmosphere of joy and happiness.

#1Climb the top of Sugarloaf by the cableway in Rio de JaneiroClimb the top of Sugarloaf by the cablewayoddviser

Ride in a transparent cabin of one of the most extreme cableways in the world.

206Sugarloaf Mountain
#3See the Iguacu Waterfalls from the helicopter in Rio de JaneiroSee the Iguacu Waterfalls from the helicopteroddviser

These waterfalls are breathtaking, especially if you are standing just a meter away from Devil's Throat.

583The Iguacu Waterfalls
#8Climb to the top of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de JaneiroClimb to the top of the statue of Christ the RedeemerTarras

Climb to the top of the statue of Christ and take the most epic selfie on the background Rio!

#6Try brigadeiro dessert in Rio de JaneiroTry brigadeiro dessertLev Сhechetkin

It is close to impossible to resist the country's principal dessert – Brigadeiro sweets. Treat yourself to this delicacy!

#4See tamarins in Rio de JaneiroSee tamarinsoddviser

These cute little monkeys with many names are very emotional and easily terrified. Feed them to tame in Fundacao RioZoo.

16Fundacao Rio Zoo
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