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Fundacao Rio Zooin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio Zoo is a great place to start your acquaintance with the Brazilian fauna. There you will find an impressive collection of animals and birds of the Amazon jungle.
Fundacao Rio Zoo, Rio de Janeiro
Fundacao RioZoo – is a perfect opportunity to see the diversity of the fauna inhabiting the Amazon, all in one place. More than two thousand species of animals and birds live here. The Zoo is home to rare species, that are almost extinct in a natural environment. The collection of birds deserves a special attention. Toucans alone are represented by more than twenty species.

Fundacao RioZoo is located in the center of the city and is surrounded by a picturesque city park. The zoo is relatively small, but thanks to the lush greenery and beautiful architectural structures around, it looks very nice.

Cost of ticket – $4.

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#2See the toucan in Rio de JaneiroSee the toucanEugene Krasowski

Do you know why the toucan’s beak is so huge? Learn many interesting facts about this wonderful bird at Fundacao RioZoo.

#4See tamarins in Rio de JaneiroSee tamarinsoddviser

These cute little monkeys with many names are very emotional and easily terrified. Feed them to tame in Fundacao RioZoo.

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Fundacao Rio Zoo on the map

Location: Quinta da Boa Vista, s/n - São Cristóvão

Open hours

Opening hours 9:00 to 16:30, Tuesday through Sunday.


Phone: +55 21 3878-4200


Guest04 March 2024

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